Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pom pom wreath

The wreath was made using leftover yarn and and a re-purposed jersey belt and a styrafoam ring.

1. I wrapped the ring with a belt thingy:
2. I sewed the end of the belt onto the rest o the material, I could have glued it on as well (but this way I can use it again for other projects):

3. I made the pompoms with a fork, here is a cool tutorial for it from the EX Expat: 
picture from
4.  I sewed the pompoms on and tied some of the yarn onto the top pf the wreath.

Pencil box with scrapbook paper

I made this pencil box for my son to match his new desk. He chose a cool vintage newspaper print scrapbook paper at the store which has funny advertisments, which he can not yet appreciate... So there is more fun to come later :)

1. I traced the 4 sides o the box and cut out slightly smaller shapes from the scrap book paper.
2. My son painted along all the corners where the paint would show. 
3. I applied pva glue to the paper with a plastic brush (to prevent air bubbles) and carefully placed in on the box.
4. I used acrylic varnish outside and inside the box (so it will be easier to remove pencil marks-- son's idea)