Friday, February 24, 2012

POMPOM MAKING with sick child
This was a good project to do with my son when he was semi-bedridden. It is not messy, it's easy to put away or do in bed but still with a fun outcome!

 My son is recuperating from the flu and asked to make pom poms for some reason. We watched a tutorial (as I have forgotten how to make them): and got down to business...
I made a small ball of yarn for easier use ( it does not matter if you run out, then all you need to do is tie the end of the yarn to a new piece with a simple knot) and tied the end of it to the cardboard rings.

My son wrapped the yarn around the ring. He did take some breaks but managed to wrap the whole ring it the end.

All done with the wrapping!

I cut the yarn by sliding the scissors between the who pieces of card.

My son tied the pompom with as seperate piece of string using several knots.

 We removed the cardboard, but off any longer pieces and
Voila! Our very own pompom!


Here are some hair accessories I made recently...
The first three pics are of  hairbands consisting of three layers or circles, of slightly different sizes and a button. They could also be attached to headbands...

Cupcake hairpin
Watermelon hairpins

Simple flower hairpin

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I made this garland as a Christmas present for a friend's daughters. It would work well with brighter colors for spring... I will make one soon :)

 The possibilities of using these garlands for home decor are endless :).... but not always practical...
The birds and heart are sewn onto a satin ribbon. I placed the ribbon in between the two sides of each bird. First I sewed the ribbon onto all the back pieces with transparent thread and then I sewed on the front pieces with blanket stitches.
I added the beak (a single layer of felt) as I was stitching the two sides together.
Felirat hozzáadása

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

As Spring is approaching - I hope- I thought I'd get it the mood by making this bright bird, much like the Xmas version but with an orange polka-dotted loopy tail feathers!

Here you can see the bird contemplating the weather or alternatively engaging in voyeurism...

We eventually hung it on our front door to bring hope and joy to the neighbors... or at least distract attention away from all the junk that we keep piled up in the hallway...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


 I finally got down to making this scarf for Simon yesterday. I bought one for his dad earlier this winter and we were both so impressed that I wanted to make and decorate one myself. After having bought some fabric that was not right for this endeavor, I found a strip of light brown fleece left over long ago from a blanket.   

The original scarf (adult size) was 58 x 41.5 x 41.5 cms. I measured it to the baby's neck and scaled it down to 46x33x33cms.

First I used blanket stitching to decorate the edges of the scarf, then I attached VELCRO to the ends of the longest side, a smaller piece to the outer side and a longer piece to the inner side. (I actually used the velcro from a stained bib as I could not find new velcro at home and was very eager :))


Here is Simon wearing it with his jacket. It is ideal for small ones because there is no fear of choking, , it can easily fit into mommy's pocket or his hat when he takes it off, and it covers his neck where it needs the most covering!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

FELT MAKEUP BAG  with hearts

I bought the sweater below at a jumble sale recently because the fabric (fleece-ish) reminded me of felt and had such a funny/hideous texture that it would be fun to work with...

Had a great craft session with my little sis today where we (and here I mean she) used this crazy sweater and some black felt to make this
cool makeup bag as a sort of Valentine's day afterthought.

We tried really hard to capture the true beauty of the bag, but I could not do it justice. Here you can see S holding the bag up on a piece of sting.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



 FELT HOT WHEELS COZY FITS 4 I fould the turorial here   the one in the tutorial is a bit different (ok mainly much neater than mine, but we must keep in mind that this one is all hand sewn... :))

 You can fold it up and hook the ribbon and can pop it in your bag if you want to take it with you
 folds out into a play-mat. My son asked that I add a film studio as a destination for his cars..:)

 MONSTER TOOTH FAIRY PILLOW with pocket in the back. Now all we need is for those teeth to start falling... I made this last week when my son started complaining that one of his teeth hurt with a glimmer of hope in his eyes :)

MONSTER KNEEPATCH for son. I wonder how long it will last...the eyes look a bit bloodshot after wash :)