Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I made over a dozen of these as gifts. It looks even better with a green dotted ribbon.

When I first went to the fabric store they were out of all felt that had an even remotely Christmas-y color, so I ended up buying orange... originally I had the idea of making Matrioshka dolls, but as I was later informed this can also be mistaken for a -rather festive- baby Jesus.
I made this for a friends son who loves bunnies- can be reused for Easter...
This tree is meant to be a doorknob ornament. I got most of the buttons from my grandma's stash. Before she throws out old clothes she always removes the buttons.
Another doorknob ornament. I used transparent thread to the secure gingerbread man and only used regular thread for "icing" because the figure was so small.

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