Friday, February 24, 2012

POMPOM MAKING with sick child
This was a good project to do with my son when he was semi-bedridden. It is not messy, it's easy to put away or do in bed but still with a fun outcome!

 My son is recuperating from the flu and asked to make pom poms for some reason. We watched a tutorial (as I have forgotten how to make them): and got down to business...
I made a small ball of yarn for easier use ( it does not matter if you run out, then all you need to do is tie the end of the yarn to a new piece with a simple knot) and tied the end of it to the cardboard rings.

My son wrapped the yarn around the ring. He did take some breaks but managed to wrap the whole ring it the end.

All done with the wrapping!

I cut the yarn by sliding the scissors between the who pieces of card.

My son tied the pompom with as seperate piece of string using several knots.

 We removed the cardboard, but off any longer pieces and
Voila! Our very own pompom!


  1. I have to admit I had no clue how to make pom-pom, and never thought its this easy :-) I have to try that...

  2. I'm glad this entry was enlightening for you :)