Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Flora Chang knock-off for Kids' Room

Thanks to pinterest, I've become a fan of flora chang (http://happydoodleland.com/). I decided to take one of her illustrations and turned it into a painting for my boys:

I first drew the outlines on a painted canvas, and painted over the pencil. I had a lot of fun with the different patterns! She is so creative and playful! I only wish I could come up with something like this myself. Until that day comes hooray for pinterest! :)

Rainy day painting

This is something I painted earlier this year...

As I wrote it an earlier post, our walls are still a bit bare in our new home... it has taken quite a long time (and consulting with our landlord), but I have finally put some pictures up (courtesy of my father :).
I bought this frame at a charity shop. I was drawn to the sturdiness and width of the frame. I thought I could paint something on the frame itself as I did with the malma mirrors (http://thefeverishfeltist.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=malma), but I ended up painting it blue (I have lots of blue left over from the desk project http://thefeverishfeltist.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=desk). I have also used the same paint on some furniture here which I haven't posted yet... and let's just say the rest of the family does not share my enthusiasm about the color anymore...
Wood pic frame, probably Ikea

 Then I found a great illustration on pinterest and painted something similar

Birds! Birds! Birds!

My friend Adri came over for coffee with her lovely daughter and while the little ones played upstairs, we finally got out the sewing supplies and made a couple of birds to put on hair bands or hair pins.

Apart from my stash of felt, I have also been collecting kids clothes with nice prints at charity shops to sew from... this gave me a chance to have a legitimate reason to buy baby girls' clothes despite only having sons.

We ended up making these 3 birds today and hopefully lots more in the near future! :)

Adri made the one at the bottom, which has a Cath Kidston kind of feel.

 I forgot how much I enjoy sewing with others!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Revamped tiny chest of drawers

I bought this chest ast a charity shop and removed most of the paint on it with my black and decker mouse sander. I can't find the pic I made of the original state of the chest, but here is a post-sanded photo...
I removed the small handles to make painting the drawers easier and more even, and re-glued them once the paint had dried. I painted a border pattern around the edges of each drawer and the top of the chest. Then, I could not resist the urge to add hearts to the handles... A bit much? What do you think?

 I plan to use it to store rubber bands, erasers and other random stuff that is usually scattered around the house but can never be found when I need one. :)

birds on resalvaged wood

I wanted to add a personal touch to my messy kitchen, to show that while being a messy slob I am at least a (slightly) creative one... We found a nice piece of wood awhile back on our way home from school. It seemed to be a piece of a cabinet that had been taken apart. I really liked the color and the size, not to mention the nifty little hole at the top. I decided to put scrapbook paper birds on it, and used acryllic paint for the beak, eyes, outline as well as the border. The border detail matches a little drawer cabinet that I revamped. I left the background as it is to show the lovely color of the wood, but I did use a matt finish. I threaded some satin ribbon through the hole so I could hang it.