Thursday, November 29, 2012

Felt coaster for kids

I was making felt coasters as gifts when Á asked me to make him one with his doggy's face on it.
He was not happy with the first one I made because the ears and face of the dog were of the same color, so we made another one which he"colored" with embroidery yarn. It turned out really cute:
I used a CD as a template for the felt part and the coaster and the top brim of a tea mug for the fabric (a leftover scrap of IKEA Gunilla fabric).


Finger printed giftcards

We made there cute gift cards for A's teachers last night.
I cut 7x11 cm rectangles to make the cards, and A dipped his ring finger and thumb in acrylic paint (we practiced with an ink pad to work out which works best) to make the snowmen. Afterwards, he drew faces, arms, feet ect on the snowmen with a black marker, and I painted on the orange noses. The one in the middle is everyone's favorite!
We look the idea from Fiona Watts' wonderful 356 things to make and do book which we both love so much!

DIY gifts for teachers/hand-made soap with kids

Our class is buying my son's teachers a larger gift, but I wanted to make something special to give them too. My choice fell on handmade soaps. We used the melt and pour method with glicerine soap. I just bought some glycerine soap at the drugstore and we cut it up and melted it (over stream), and we poured it into Ikea Plastis ice trays (they say that the trays are for water only--- but I'm a badass crafter:) ).
It was super easy and lots of fun.

 You can buy glycerine blocks to make soap out of at craft shops but glycerine soap is actually cheaper than the craft kind.  I tried melting cheaper/harder glycerine soap, but it did not melt.

You can also add stuff like poppy seeds, cinnimon, dried lavender to make soap more interesting. I could not figure out what would smell good with olive.

Melting the cut up soap cubes

The cubes start to melt

We filled the trays and let the soap harden in the fridge.