Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Napkin holder

I have been meaning to buy a napkin holder for years. I could not find one that was right so I kept putting it off. This one was originally meant for my cousin to match the bird mirror frame (: So I painted it brown, but I accidentally got sunblock and possibly nappy cream smudges on both sides of the napkin holder and there was no way I could cover it with more coats of paint. I had to cover the oily stains with paper. So I decided to make stocky animals wearing scrapbook paper...
I bought this base at the crafts shop

I drew and cut out the animal shapes which I traced onto the wooden base and also traced onto the scrapbook paper.

I used acrylic paint and a matt finish. I have a red and white polka-dotted table cloth and I added the dotted dishes on both sides so at least the napkin holder matches something :)

More letters!

I made some more letters for my friends'  kids. I kept the baking paper cutouts from the first batch and it was much easier to make these! See previous project here:

I gave the bear a ribbon for a more girly effect!

Eskimo child with penguin painting

I painted this picture of an eskimo child and penguin on a piece of ply-wood I bought at the crafts store. I used acrylic paints and a matt finish. I found similar illustrations in a djeco catalogue, so the design is not mine...

Dr. Who pencil box

I wanted to make a Dr.Who themed gift for a friend, but do not know anything about the show. Unfortunately it is one of the few geeky things that my husband is less engrossed in :) So I searched the  web to find what the emblematic characters or symbols Dr.Who universe are. I came across the Tardis or Police box. It seemed to be a good image to use on a plain wooden pencil box that I bought at a crafts store the previous day.  I found a great cross stitch design for a Tardis here
I traced the front side of the pencil box onto  a grid notepad page. Then, I copied the cross-stitch design onto the grid paper.

I did not copy the cross stitch design exactly, but the design helped me get a sense of the scale of a Tardis, how big the windows are etc...

 I sanded the box, painted it with blue waited until it dried and sanded it again, and repainted it. Then, I traced the cut out tardis onto the box and painted within the lines with a slightly lighter blue color (difference cannot be seen on photos). I then painted the whitish windows, light, sign and than used black for outlining etc. When it was all dry I added a matt finish for acrylic paints.