Friday, April 20, 2012


For my husband's name day my son and I made a special surprise. As he is a Star Wars fan and my son is a massive wannabe Star Wars fan (he hasn't seen it yet) we made him a Star Wars themed gift. I sewed some of the Star Wars characters and my son made the Millennium Falcon (or as my son calls it 'Milano Falcon')  out of a shoebox, a bottle cap, a toilet roll and some pudding cups. My hubby was so impressed!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My younger son is nearly 15 months old and still doesn't have his name on the door he shares with his brother...that is he didn't have his name until two days ago. The change was triggered by my broken angle and lots of free time to browse the internet without any  feeling of  guilt whatsoever.
I was googled the name of a really great illustrator Geraldine Cosneau and found her blog ( she posted about a foam animal alphabet kit she designed. It was so adorable that I asked my sister to buy me a pack (actually two cause my friend wants one too) the next time she is in Paris. But since I couldn't wait, I decided to make larger letters for the boys' door.

I used a cereal box, acrylic paint and an matt acrylic finish as well as decor paper (or scrapbook paper). Due to the paint and finish the letters are hard, but the cardboard is rather thin, which helps precision. To make sure they stay flat, I put them under a heavy book right after the paint (and later the finish) dried, covering the painted side with a plastic sleeve.

My older son liked the letters so much he asked me to make the letters for his name as well, with lots of dogs!  Because hos name starts with "Á" I added a frankfurter above the first doggy's head.

 They turned out nice but not as wonderful as Geraldine Cousneaus. Her kit can be ordered from


 I made this hair clip holder out of felt, reused (or upcycled) fabric and ribbons. It will be a gift for our niece's 8th birthday. I had seen some really cute clip holders a couple of months ago and had been planning on making one, but was uncertain about the design.  I saw some strawberry ribbon at the store and fell in love and decided use it for this project. My sister-in-law mentioned that my niece likes fairies and as I was combing through my stash I found the pink dotted fabric (formerly a t-shirt) that I used for the first batch of Easter eggs and thought it would go well with the dots on the strawberries.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I made this monster tooth fairy pillow for our nephew for his upcoming 6th birthday. The body is made from the weird red sweater that was used to make the valentines day makeup bag.

 The photo of the monster does not show it, but instead of a loop I used two separate pieces of ribbon at the top so that he can attach it more easily to where ever he wishes to.

Monday, April 2, 2012


As I feel that I need an excuse to post another Easter Egg garland that is basically the same as the last, I've decided to make it into a tutorial :) Otherwise, the special thing about this garland is that my very creative mother-in-law asked me to make it for her!

So here it goes:

I made an egg pattern from cardboard and cut out 14 eggs from green and pink felt (8:6). I also cut some  felt into strips as shown above ( if you know how to name it please let me know!) and strips of cotton fabric. I find cutting everything out makes working on the garland faster and neater.

I sewed all the embellishments on 7 of the eggs. I cut the ends of the felt strips after they are sewn on.

I sewed the two sides of each egg together leaving a gap through which I could add the stuffing.

Here again, I sewed all the all the eggs before I stated stuffing them. 

I added the cotton wool.

Here are some of the eggs. Left as they are they could make cute Easter decorations if put in a basket.
After figuring out how I want to position the eggs on the satin ribbon (centers 20cms apart) I pinned the eggs onto the ribbon one at a time
I sewed then on one at a time

Not my most beautiful work, but no one will see the back, right?

Here is the end result. I really need a better place to showcase garlands :).Hopefully I will get a photo of the garland in my in-laws' kitchen!