Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My younger son is nearly 15 months old and still doesn't have his name on the door he shares with his brother...that is he didn't have his name until two days ago. The change was triggered by my broken angle and lots of free time to browse the internet without any  feeling of  guilt whatsoever.
I was googled the name of a really great illustrator Geraldine Cosneau and found her blog ( she posted about a foam animal alphabet kit she designed. It was so adorable that I asked my sister to buy me a pack (actually two cause my friend wants one too) the next time she is in Paris. But since I couldn't wait, I decided to make larger letters for the boys' door.

I used a cereal box, acrylic paint and an matt acrylic finish as well as decor paper (or scrapbook paper). Due to the paint and finish the letters are hard, but the cardboard is rather thin, which helps precision. To make sure they stay flat, I put them under a heavy book right after the paint (and later the finish) dried, covering the painted side with a plastic sleeve.

My older son liked the letters so much he asked me to make the letters for his name as well, with lots of dogs!  Because hos name starts with "Á" I added a frankfurter above the first doggy's head.

 They turned out nice but not as wonderful as Geraldine Cousneaus. Her kit can be ordered from

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