Monday, April 2, 2012


As I feel that I need an excuse to post another Easter Egg garland that is basically the same as the last, I've decided to make it into a tutorial :) Otherwise, the special thing about this garland is that my very creative mother-in-law asked me to make it for her!

So here it goes:

I made an egg pattern from cardboard and cut out 14 eggs from green and pink felt (8:6). I also cut some  felt into strips as shown above ( if you know how to name it please let me know!) and strips of cotton fabric. I find cutting everything out makes working on the garland faster and neater.

I sewed all the embellishments on 7 of the eggs. I cut the ends of the felt strips after they are sewn on.

I sewed the two sides of each egg together leaving a gap through which I could add the stuffing.

Here again, I sewed all the all the eggs before I stated stuffing them. 

I added the cotton wool.

Here are some of the eggs. Left as they are they could make cute Easter decorations if put in a basket.
After figuring out how I want to position the eggs on the satin ribbon (centers 20cms apart) I pinned the eggs onto the ribbon one at a time
I sewed then on one at a time

Not my most beautiful work, but no one will see the back, right?

Here is the end result. I really need a better place to showcase garlands :).Hopefully I will get a photo of the garland in my in-laws' kitchen!

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