Thursday, February 16, 2012

FELT MAKEUP BAG  with hearts

I bought the sweater below at a jumble sale recently because the fabric (fleece-ish) reminded me of felt and had such a funny/hideous texture that it would be fun to work with...

Had a great craft session with my little sis today where we (and here I mean she) used this crazy sweater and some black felt to make this
cool makeup bag as a sort of Valentine's day afterthought.

We tried really hard to capture the true beauty of the bag, but I could not do it justice. Here you can see S holding the bag up on a piece of sting.


  1. Lets say it was my Valentines day gift to my self :D Great "felt session" (from now on GFS) !!

  2. But what if a felt session turns sour? GFSTS? or NSGFS (not-so-great-felt session)as in "We had a GFST/NSGFS after getting into a heated argument about who gets to use the buttons of a vintage blouse to adorn their Easter eggs"

  3. Hahaha the felt biz' is very competitive :D