Saturday, February 18, 2012


 I finally got down to making this scarf for Simon yesterday. I bought one for his dad earlier this winter and we were both so impressed that I wanted to make and decorate one myself. After having bought some fabric that was not right for this endeavor, I found a strip of light brown fleece left over long ago from a blanket.   

The original scarf (adult size) was 58 x 41.5 x 41.5 cms. I measured it to the baby's neck and scaled it down to 46x33x33cms.

First I used blanket stitching to decorate the edges of the scarf, then I attached VELCRO to the ends of the longest side, a smaller piece to the outer side and a longer piece to the inner side. (I actually used the velcro from a stained bib as I could not find new velcro at home and was very eager :))


Here is Simon wearing it with his jacket. It is ideal for small ones because there is no fear of choking, , it can easily fit into mommy's pocket or his hat when he takes it off, and it covers his neck where it needs the most covering!

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