Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fiona Watt's bird-spiration

I have already blogged about Fiona Watt's great book from Usborne before (http://thefeverishfeltist.blogspot.hu/2012/11/finger-printed-giftcards.html)
and now here are some projects that were inspired by the bird drawings the book teaches.

This is a piece of wood I painted with acrylic paint and drew on with a sharpie type pen. I first drew the birds with a pencil and retraced the lines with a pen and then erased the remaining pencil marks).

The other project is a pencil box for my cousin. Here I painted on the wooden base with acrylic paint, drew the bird shapes in pencil, painted the the birds then using a (fine tipped) permanent marker, I retraced the contour of the birds and drew the faces, wings. Finally, used an acrylic varnish to protect the surface.

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