Thursday, March 3, 2016

Home-made Captain America Costume/1

My younger son does not really love dressing up. So when it was Hero Day at school , I was a bit worried about how he would take to the idea. He did not want to be Spiderman or Batman, a brave knight or any other of the costumes we had at home.
We were discussing the options on our way home from school. When we got home my older son noticed a blue hoodie on the banister. "Well...actually this would make a great Captain America costume... would you like that S?" he said. And he would, so I got down to making the costume.
I used white felt for the A on the hood and the star. I attached the felt with Bondaweb and subsequently sewed it on. (I cut the star out in one and cut it in half and lined it up on either side of the zip.)

The shield was made out of a cereal box. I used a plate as a template , and cut two circle shapes.
I also cut a longer rectangular shape for the handle that I covered in duct tape, to make the handle stronger.
I cut two slots into one of the circles and pushed the handle through both holes.

The handle from the back
And duct taped the ends of the rectangle on the other side.

I painted and varnished the Captain America sign on the other circle and glue-gunned the two sides of the shield together. I wanted to make sure the shield does not fall apart at school, and result was a shield that the kids have played with a lot in last few months and is still intact.

And S has been wearing the hoodie a lot too, and not only for dressing up. 

Infact, A has also requested and recieved his own Captain America hoodie....
coming soon to Feverish Feltist :)

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