Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Super-sweet and Super-gross these babies could be perfect Monster-party / Halloween/ David Bowie fan club meeting treats!

My son got a Horrible Science book from her godparents

In it there was a recipe that really captured his imagination: edible eyeballs. It seemed a bit complicated at first but once we started making it wasn't that bad.

25g Rice Crispies
75g chocolate
8tbsp powdered sugar (mix it w water to make icing)

Step 1: I melted the chocolate over a bath of boiling water (I actually used the leftover choc from the candied oranges).
Step2: We mixed Rice Crispies into the chocolate
Step 3: We spooned out the goo onto bits of clingfilm and wrapped them like so (see above). The amount spooned out should be more or less that of an eyeball :)
Step 4: We placed the wrapped balls on a tray/plate and put them in the freezer or fridge to set.
Step 5: When they have hardened we unwrapped them and place them on baking paper
Step 6: We put icing  on eyeballs, stuck an M&Ms onto each and put a small dollop of brown store bought icing for the pupils (should have been black) 

Here is Daddy indulging in a freshly hardened eyeball with Simon looking on. :))P.s. Thank you F and É for all your help!

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