Sunday, March 4, 2012


I've been a big fan of simple recycled wrapping paper since my teens as it is eco-friendly, cheap and serves as a canvas to really personalize gifts. Also, it is versatile as you can use the same paper to wrap presents for every occasion (Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's day etc.)
 As a mom, decorating birthday wrapping paper has the added benefit of being a fun to do with kids! Moreover children like to feel that they were involved in making the gift.

This time we made robot wrapping paper:
I first cut off a piece from the roll that was the right size for the gift. Then we used  our DJECO Robot stamp kit to decorate the paper ( The box includes three metallic ink pads and several robot parts stamps. At first, I was concerned that the metallic ink would not dry so we used another ink pad for the second round of robot heads. (In the end the metallic paint dried too.)

Here is the end result, I really like the retro feel of the robots. The paper got a bit crumbled after my two kids handling it,...but that just makes it more precious, right? :)

We had to wrap the gift really quick... we could added some sort of ribbon... or electrical wire... maybe next time!

NOTE: You can also use stamps made from potatoes or cut out of sponge and tempera/acrylic paint.
Also, you can buy Djeco stamp kits at the toy store in Budagy├Ângye. 

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