Thursday, May 31, 2012

Luau DIY

My sister-in-law had always dreamed of a Hawaiian-themed bachelorette party, and that is exactly what she got! Her sister and a good friend organized the party and I chipped in as well. Hawaiian stuff are a bit of a novelty and quite expensive in our country (a single lei would cost around 5 euros) and we were on a budget so we ended up making most of the decorations and accessories ourselves.
The grass skirts were made by my sister-in-law out of crepe paper stapled on elastic band. The leis were made by a friend out of tissue or crepe paper and cut up straws. The tissue paper was cut into many flower shapes. They turned out really pretty.
I cut triangles out of a cereal box and painted them with acrylic paint-

I made 4 holes in each of the triangles with an office hole puncher.
I threaded a ribon through the wholes
I found this idea for cupcakes and the flip-flop cookies on another blog. The base is simple sponge cake, I colored half the frosting blue and kept the other half white and dipped it in brown sugar Ű(before adding the blue frosting to the other half. I used gum candy for the float belt.

I had searched for an oval shaped cookie cutter, but could not find one anywhere, so in the end I decided to look in the bathroom cupboard where I found the cap of a Nivea sunscreen bottle.
I used store bought decorative icing to make the flip flop straps. ( I used Schwartau colored icing pen thingies

I made these flowers for everyone's hair out of muslin and organza and beads. I cut out the flower shapes and then I melted the edges and I used transparent thread. I may make a tutorial.

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