Thursday, August 9, 2012

Felt bowties aka Wife-beaters with felt bowties

After a number of complaints by readers (ok the number is one and the reader (sans s) was my sister) that I have not posted in a while, I made some fancy tops for my sons to wear to my dad's name day party. I saw a onesie with bowtie on it on the web, but it is too hot for onesies at the moment and my elder son does not wear them any more.

They were surprisingly easy to make!
I cut out a rectangle shape of felt in the size  I wanted and clipped the corners for a less severe look.
I pinched the rectangle in the middle and secured it with a couple of stitches 
I cut a narrow bit of felt and wrapped it around the middle of the bow and sewed it onto the bow. I could have used a glue gun for this and the previous sewing as well.
felt bowtie makes all the difference! :)

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