Thursday, September 20, 2012

Redecorating / upcycling old desk for kids

Our up-cycled desk

My aunt offered us this old-school desk that my 20+ cousins had inherited from someone else back in the day. Having had seen what was on offer at IKEA I was all for it. So here are some before pictures. The desk is made from varnished plywood and I would guess it is about 30 years old
The door had an aluminum lock cover and some

the desk once had drawers
We fit two pieces of wood onto the drawer slides and made shelves

There was some damage on the surface of the desk door.
I fixed the chipping with a material called Fakitt which is sort of like plaster for wood. I had to apply several layers with a brush and used sandpaper in to even it out after the material dried.

My husband helped take the desk apart and genty sanded the surfaces of the desk (all except for the top)

I painted the surfaces with a special base paint (Primer Aggrappante from to make sure that the acrylic paint sticks to the surface of the plywood. 

We changed the lock cover and bought a key so my son can lock his little brother out of his stuff

The desk in Á's study corner.

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