Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baking with a 2 year old

 Ok, baking with a 23  month old. Today I saw some ripe bananas on sale at the supermarket and just like that my dilemma on what to bake for a school snack this week was solved (I try to make something every week). So after we got home S had a joghurt and we got down to business. We used the Wonder Muffins recipe from Bibi's Bites, she has some great recipes!

I got both my sons involved in baking/cooking at an early age as I find it is a good way to combine (messy) fun with the kids getting food on the table. I also thinks it helps their motor skills and promotes their self confidence. The only drawback is time and a slightly more messy kitchen than if I had worked alone.

S really likes to help, and loves the kitchen. I let him do some easier tasks like stir, hold the mixer with me,  shake out packets, sprinkle salt, but cupcake liners onto the tray. Today we even cracked an egg together :)
S stirring with a wooden spoon while I get some of the other ingredients ready.

Simon separating the cupcake liners and putting them on the tray (this has been his job since he was 17 months, and while I had to help him quite a bit in the beginning he is near perfect at the job by now.

I let him but batter in some of the cupcake liners- this was a tricky job.

The expert muffin-unwrapper.


For G!

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