Friday, January 18, 2013

Finger knitted hoolahoop rug diy

 I made this rug from finger knitted wool and my husband's old tshirt. I had been planning to make one fort the longest time! Once I tried making a tshirt hoolahoop rug, but I had to turn it into a basket because I pulled the string too tight:) This kind of small rug is good for kids to sit on while they play board games or Lego, especially on the cold hardwood floor in our living room which is their favorite place to play.

I cannot fingerknit so that stilted by plans to make such a ruig. However, before Christmas, I found a load of finger-knitted balls of yarn at a church bazaar... I bought all of them!

I made the spokes from my husbands old tshirt. It has an earthy color and I tried to use the more earthy colored balls of yarn. Some of the balls were multicolored and I did not always know what lay under the top layers.

work in progress


How to stop the fingerk-nitting from slipping and unwinding?: I put the balls of yarn in a fleece sock and always unwinded just enough to be manageable.

The pictures below show how I connected the ends of the finger knitting. This is a much neater way than tying a knot.

Voila! Our finger knitted rug!

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