Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Knee Patches DIY 1: Cordrouy Monster Patches

 An increasing  number of my 7 year olds jeans' knees have become threadbare. Rather than trying to change his habits, but not wanting to buy new jeans every month I have been thinking of different types of patches that would appeal to him. (And make me look less cheap and more creative...:) ) This is project number one. My somn liked it so much we wore it to school the next day!

Cordrouy Monster Knee Patches DIY
My grandma sewed the corduroy patches onto the jeans. She first sewed around the edge because cord tends to fray. We ended up puting smaller circles above the head because there was a small hole above the knee as well.
 I painted the faces on with acrylic painmt. Because of the texture, I had to go over each feature a number of times, somemes using a thin brush to get the paint in between the gaps.

My son sporting the knee patches!

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