Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring wreath from repurposed materials

I must confess, I just took down the heart shaped wreath I made for Christmas (  yesterday. Arguably, given its shape there was no reason to take it down before Valentine's Day, but it was really time for a change... Not a big one though...
I removed the Christmas embellishments and added  more spring-appropriate decorations. I used a baby girl dress I bought at a charity shop and a bit of pink felt.

The dress had a bow on it, which I kept. The thread came undone as I cut it off so I had to stitch it to keep it intact, but It was still much nicer than anything I could have made by myself:

I sewed the bird from felt and added buttons for eyes

I removed the hem and used it to hang the bird.

I also removed the belt bit from the front of the dress and used it as the ribbon behind the bow.

I still need to remove the stitches that held the beak in place...
It has a bit of a crafty feel because I did not hem anything, just tried to keep as much of the original hemming, but it just adds to the charm, or at least that is what I'm hoping is true :)

Happy Spring Everyone!

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