Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yummy home remedy :Ginger Root Orange Juice

I came down with something at the end of the week, and thought I would try ginger tea (shredded ginger root in hot water) but a friend suggested that the boiling water would kill most of the active agents in ginger, so why not combine it with orange juice and honey instead. So I did and it tasted fantastic- and made me feel better too. Soon I was well enough to make some for the boys. I must say it it is a much more child friendly option than the usual garlic soaked in fruit brandy that I usually opt for when feeling the flu coming on... :)

I used my small cheese grater to shred the garlic (you need to remove the skin first)

 You can also add honey and fresh lemon juice. Of course, you can also use freshly squeezed oranges, but being able to do that you are probably not that sick. Right?

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