Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ikea Aron chair revamp

We got this chair from our friends when we moved, and I have been meaning to do something with the seat (other than covering it with a tea towel) for nearly a year now... 
It was a question of finding the confidence and the right fabric, mostly the latter :)

Last week I found a whole bunch of floral print pieces, scraps and shop samples in a charity shop. I bought a couple of pieces, this sample among them:

 (it is about 60 x 60 cms) 

The great thing about this chair is that the seat can be unscrewed and that when you reassemble it, the screws fix the seat firmly on the frame so that the upholstery fabric is held in place.

My son and I dissembled the seat quite quickly and easily. He loves using the screwdriver, and also loves to "really help". 

The truck held the screws while we worked :)

 Luckily the edges of the fabric were cut with pinking shears so as to prevent fraying. I fit the fabric onto the seat while making sure the screw holes were not covered.
I used tape to secure the fabric in the back, making sure the fabric on the seat was nice and even. Ideally one should use a staple gun or even a glue gun. I'll see how well this holds and glue gun it if necessary.

S got to help fasten the screws.

Ta da! The colours of the print also go well with our desk (which I have painted teal but is still under constuction)

The revamp took about 20 minutes and 50 pence. I am really proud :)

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