Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scouting project: learning about leaves

One of my sons is a cub scout, and one week their homework was to collect leaves and try to figure out what they were. So we collected leaves from the garden and on our way home from school.

We had to look up most of the names and I was concerned that he would forget so much new info. To avoid this, we used clear adhesive film to laminate the leaves and we added little notes with the names of the plants. This way he also practised his spelling and learned the names better than if I just told him which each one was.

I bought a roll of the adhesive film at the stationary department of Wilkinsons

We placed the leaves in between two pieces of film .

 and cut around them.

Abel's cub leader was very pleased and he was still able to to do the leaf rubbing activity. The idea came from a bookmark my grandfather bought me from Israel with pressed flowers on it. 

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