Monday, December 15, 2014

Candle Making with kids

Ever since, we candles during Puritan's Day in 5th grade, I've wanted to dip candles again. When I came across a  candle making kit, I knew I had to get it. My boys were eager to help.

 A helped me calculate the amounts we needed, while S counted the number of spoons we needed.

 We melted the wax in a pyrex placed in a pan of water
 It was exciting to see the wax pellets desolve, its change of state from solid to liquid.
 We added a bit of tea tree oil to add scent.
 At the beginning we had to straighten out the wicks, to make the candles straight.

A used a toothpick to etch an elf out of the candle

S pressed small glass beads into the warm wax
There some wax left, but not enough to dip candles so we used the mould and added colouring to make some moulded candles.

Our candle collection:
I've asked for more supplies for Christmas!

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