Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas jar labels

I made marmalade and candied orange peel for teachers and friends this year... again. I wanted to change things up a bit, but rather then trying a new recipe, I decided to make different labels. I found Annabelle Nielsen's blog with some great label ideas for preserves ( and saw these


I thought the top right one would be perfect for my purposes

 I used the same sort of simple paper as I usually do, and a template to make creating a larger number of labels faster.
  I drew a border and wrote the words with a fine felt tip pen. I also added a bit of holy.
 Then I colored the label with Sharpies.
After cutting out the labels I glued them on to the jars.
I cut out round shapes from a gingham fabric (old school uniform) and covered the top of the jars.
The labels kind of remind me of Alice Tait's book cover designs. 

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