Sunday, January 18, 2015

New and improved home-made bread

I think I started baking our own bread nearly a year ago. Since then, I have made several changes to the original recipe. I have moved away from the lovely white loaf towards healthier options, and also recieved great advice from my mom (the right ratio of white-whole wheat and rye), mother-in-law (less water) and of course the queen of domestic advice, my grandmother ( more yeast, less salt, add oil, add yoghurt, knead for longer).

So here is my new and improved recipe for making one large or two small loaves:

about 1 tablespoon dried yeast
1 teaspoon of sugar
little flour
3 tablespoons of water

1. Mix the ingredients above and allow yeast to rise.

2. Add:
3  cups strong white bread flour
0.5 cup whole-wheat bread flour
0.5 cup rye flour
3 teaspoons of salt
1-2 tablespoons of oil
linseeds, sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds, chia seeds to taste
 2-3 tablespoons of joghurt (optional)
potatoes (mashed if you have any at hand- also optional)
1.5 cups water (maybe less, so add bits at a time)

3. Knead. The consistency should be thick and a difficult to knead. You should knead (with a hand mixer) it until the dough separates from the side of the mixing bowl and is sort of "pillow-y" (my word for it- obviously). It takes a couple of minutes and involves some vertical movement of the kneading sticks. If you add too much water it will be gooey, so it is best to add about a cup of water first and add some bit by bit without it getting gooey.

4. Cover and wait for dough to rise.
5. Form dough into the shape you want.

 6. Bake at 200 degrees Celsius until golden brown. (30-45 min, depending on size of bread and your oven).

Yum! Good Luck S!

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