Monday, July 6, 2015

Painted Herb Marker Rocks for our Garden

We had spent a lot of time by the seaside this spring. We went down to Brighton for a day out with my husband, then with my parents and kids. We did some crabbing at Whitstable with my uncle, then down to Hastings for two lovely days with friends. Needless to say, we collected lots of rocks. They were lovely and smooth and we couldn't resist. 

Collecting rocks in Brighton
Wanting to do something useful with them, I decided to use them as herb markers for the garden.
I used acrylic paint and acrylic varnish. 

I had to make quite a few rocks for tomatoes, as my son managed to grow 3 healthy plants from tomato seeds he saved from last year, as well as some store bought ones.

My younger one and I planted these radishes. They grew really quick and look and taste

lovely. He was so proud to eat some of the vegetables he planted!
We grew this rocket from seeds as well. They took such a long time, I almost gave up on them. I noticed the growth spur as I was taking these pictures! Just as well, as we've just run out on the bagged rocket.

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